Pearl M. Hart

...I defend the foreign born against the present deportation hysteria because of a consciousness that it was the foreign born and their children who built this nation of ours and who have been its most loyal partisans.

Pearl Hart from appeal presented in U.S. v. Witkovich
to the Supreme Court in 1957

The homosexual should stop viewing himself as a memer of a minority and assert the equal rights which are already his.

Pearl Hart from presentation at public meeting
of Mattachine Midwest, July 1965

She was a tough lady. The tougher it got, the tougher she got. And the tougher she got, the better she served her own commitment.

David Rothstein, National Lawyers Guild
at Pearl Hart's memorial service in 1975.

It's funny how history catches up with Pearl....  Her mission was always to defend the underdog--in a sense recognizing the illness of the overdog as well. Pearl Hart is certainly dead. Shie is dead becuase she first lived.

Studs Terkel
at Pearl Harts' memorial service in 1975.